Re-writing the future: Exploring young people’s stories of education and engagement

What is ‘Re-writing the Future?’

The aim of the research is to imagine alternative futures and thereby identify specific barriers and enablers of continued educational engagement for young people who may not normally access further or higher education.

Following on from Stories2Connect, we will use a method that enables young people to create stories and represent their ideas in innovative digital ways. We hope to design interactive artefacts (phygitals) that share stories using audio, film, animation or other means. We will be organizing activities and interviews; these will enable up to 20 young people aged 14-18 to develop stories that tell other people what it is like to live and learn in Skelmersdale.

  • Explore perspectives about education in Skelmersdale through creative activities
  • Produce a story or storyboard about living and learning in Skelmersdale
  • Grow in confidence and develop communication skills by celebrating their own strengths and achievements
  • Work with other young people to produce ideas for phygitals that can be used to share their stories
  • Visit the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and work with university researchers

The researchers are both qualified teachers and now university researchers with experience of working with a wide range of ages and young people with diverse experiences and lives. They have DBS checks in place and the project has been approved by the UCLan ethics committee.

Our Research Questions

Results Coming Soon – this project is currently recruiting. If you would like to know more, please contact us…