Warhammer and Curry

Warhammer and Curry was written by a former Lancaster University creative writing student, Megan Breakwell, in collaboration with the Stories2Connect team of researchers. The material for this story was collected from an interview with an 11 year old boy and his foster mum who shared their experiences of living together following the death of the boy’s father three years earlier. The story is aimed at children aged between 7-11, and may be of particular interest to bereaved children and young people or anyone with experience of foster care. This story may also be of interest to education and social work professionals. This story was illustrated by talented art student, Amelia Brooks.

Sometimes Zack finds it difficult to speak to others about how much he misses his dad. But with Orion it’s different. Orion doesn’t judge or laugh at him. Orion is a fearless Warhammer warrior who always seems to know exactly what to say or when to offer a timely reminder of happy memories – even if he does constantly moan about his paint job!