Jake Speaks Up


‘Jake Speaks Up’ was inspired by the life story of a young man who participated with the Stories2Connect project. This film was co-created and produced by the Stories2Connect team. The illustrations were created by one of UCLan’s talented Illustration students, Alice Cullinane. This story is suitable for young children and families, and is especially relevant for children that might come into contact with social services or have experienced separation from their siblings and parents.

Jake lives with granny because dad finds it hard to cope looking after him and his brothers and sisters. Jake loves living with his granny but when granny becomes ill, he has to stay with lots of different foster families. The foster families try hard to help Jake to settle in but he still feels alone and misses his family. With the help of his social worker, Jake and his family meet up at the ice-rink and find new ways to cope with living apart.