The Stories2Connect 2018 Celebration Event

Hi, my name is Gregory Penlington, I worked as a graduate intern for Stories2Connect for four months.

I recently attended the Stories2Connect celebration event at UCLAN in March 2018. It was a great day, I was able to meet lots of people who worked on the project including artists, writers and the people who inspired the stories. I watched several of the speeches made by various members about the conclusion of their project which were very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the celebration of the project’s completion, there was a lovely warm atmosphere, and everyone was very willing to answer any questions or just have a friendly chat. There were also areas where you could look at videos, leaflets and phygitals which displayed some of the videos that had been created. I would love to attend another event by Stories2Connect as I had a brilliant time working for them on a project that is so important for young people.