Train Alone Day

Train Alone Day was inspired by the experiences of different young people who wanted to achieve greater independence in their lives. Transcripts of conversations that included references to some of the different obstacles young people faced were shared with the author who fictionalised their challenges and triumphs as one coherent narrative. This story is aimed at children and young people of all ages who may lack confidence or aspire to develop greater independence. It may also be a useful resource for families and professionals wishing to support young adults to be able to travel independently. We hope that children and adults of all ages will enjoy the story and connect with it in a variety of ways. This story was co-created by the Stories2Connect team and was written, narrated and illustrated by Deb Michel.

Kerry is eager to prove to everyone that she is ready to travel independently. After practising for many weeks visiting her sister at university with her dad, the big day finally arrives. Kerry knows the script. She’s had the routine drilled into her until she knows it back to front. Unfortunately, Kerry hadn’t practised what to do if everything starts to go horribly wrong. And her first Train Alone journey ends up testing much more than her ability to follow instructions…

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