Summat Good

Summat Good was inspired by the transcript of a conversation between a 19 year old young man and a project researcher at a story-telling event. The transcript was shared with Marion Brown, an author from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, who worked with the project team to create a fictionalised story that reflects how being a volunteer helped one young man to turn his life around. This story has been written with a young adult audience in mind but will also be of interest to social work and youth work professionals. Summat Good was illustrated by talented art student, Matilda O’Connell.

Jav still misses his Gran. She was obsessed with him getting married but apart from that she was one of the few people who always gave sound advice: ‘Get out there and do itMake every day count,’ she used to say. Without Gran, Jav found it impossible to stay motivated and before long he found himself using booze and pills to numb the pain. He thought that nothing could fill that big empty space she left behind. But with the help of a new friend and Gran’s words constantly ringing in his ears, Jav finally manages to get out of the house and make summat good happen…

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