Nick’s Riddle

Nick’s Riddle was co-created by one of the Stories2Connect researchers in collaboration with a young person participating with the project. The material for the story was collected through a series of interviews and events where the writer observed and talked with Nick about some of the challenges that he has encountered in his life. This story is aimed at children aged between 7-11, and may be of particular interest to anyone with experience of dyslexia. We hope that children and adults of all ages will all enjoy the story and connect with it in a variety of ways. Nick’s Riddle was illustrated by talented art student, Sally Button.

Nick unravels riddles in no time at all. But reading Alice in Wonderland aloud in class poses a much more difficult problem. The print blurs and jumps all over the place and ties his tongue in knots, which usually results in his face turning ketchup red. As Nick’s research for a science project take him down an unexpected path, he makes a series of connections that help him to speak in front of the class with authority and pride.