Jobs are Like Hens’ Teeth

Jobs are Like Hens’ Teeth was inspired by the transcript of a conversation between two young men and a young researcher talking about the challenges that they have faced finding employment, as well as sharing their future hopes and dreams. Alison Padley-Woods, an author from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, worked with the project team to create a fictionalised story that reflects some of the main issues that these young men highlighted. This story has been written with a young adult audience in mind but will also be of interest to social work and youth work professionals. Cover Illustration by Tim Chapman.

Dan wants to work. He’s got qualifications and lots of work experience – but it’s the insurance that gets in the way every time. No one seems to want to take him on. The Youth Council has been a lifeline. He has made good friends and it’s one of the few places where people listen. But as he approaches his next birthday, Dan realises that he will soon be too old to access their services. As he travels the familiar journey home, he decides that now is the time to speak louder than ever before…

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