Happy Talk

Happy Talk was inspired by the experiences of several young people who sometimes have difficulties with communication. They each spoke about some of the challenges that they faced socialising with others during a number of interviews and story-telling events with project researchers. Transcripts of conversations that included references to some of the obstacles they faced were then shared with the author who fictionalised their challenges and triumphs as one coherent narrative. This story is written with a teenage audience in mind but may also be of interest to any of us who find communication a challenge at times. We hope that children and adults of all ages will enjoy the story and connect with it in a variety of ways. This story was co-created by the Stories2Connect team and was written by Jennifer Burkinshaw. Happy Talk was illustrated by talented art student, Sally Button.

It’s Phill’s seventh wedding. She loves her job as a photographer, it’s perfect. It’s all about composing the best shot and she rarely needs to speak, especially for the natural shots. Today, Kirstie is getting married and Eddie is the best man. Phill thinks he’s the worst man. He’s full of himself and does not shut up. Not only that, he doesn’t seem to understand anything about personal space. Phill can’t get away from him fast enough and is relieved to pack up her trusty Canon and seek sanctuary in her Mini. That’s when she realises that Eddie is not quite so confident after all…

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