Tall Ships and Small Steps

Tall Ships and Small Steps was written in collaboration with a young person participating in the Stories2Connect project. The material for the story was collected through a series of interviews and events where the writer observed and talked with Jessica (a name chosen by the young person) over a period of many months. Tall Ships and Small Steps is a story about coping with adversity as Jessica and her friend, Emma, discover that they have a number of talents and special skills that help them to cope far away from the familiarity of home. Their journey across the North Sea and the Baltic also brings them both one step closer to realising their ambitions…

This story is aimed at children aged between 7-11, but we hope that all children and adults will enjoy the story and connect with it in a variety of ways. The story may be of particular interest to children and young people who have experienced ill-health. The story was illustrated by Elisa Peel and was narrated by Janet Foxley.

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