Black and White

Black and White was written by one of the Stories2Connect researchers in collaboration with a young person with autism who participated with the project. The material for the story was collected through an in-depth interview with a young woman and her mother who shared some of their experiences of education and challenges around (mis)understandings of autism. This story is suitable for a wide audience and may be particularly significant for young people, families and professionals supporting children and young people with autism. Black and white was illustrated by talented art student, Millie Aked.

Jennifer has all the A’s. Autism. Asperger’s. Anxiety, not forgetting all of her allergies and Asthma. Managing other people’s (mis)understandings of her needs has been a constant challenge that she wishes she didn’t have to add to the list of things to cope with. Mr Snake is no exception. He even tells her that she doesn’t look autistic. Before Jennifer can make him see that autism is much less black and white than he appears to imagine, she finds herself in BIG trouble. And is back in his office. Again.

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