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Our idea is to collect stories about young people’s lives which might otherwise not be heard, and to share these stories with other people and communities in exciting new digital ways. First we will train young people from Barnardo’s/Lancashire participation groups to become researchers, who will ‘collect’ narratives from other young people with a story to tell. After about a year we will work with famous children’s authors to make these stories as good as we can. Then finally we will work with digital designers to create new ways of telling the stories through phygital objects (like robots).

Phase 1

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 The flyer above describes Phase 1 of the project which begins with 4 action packed researcher training days where you will have the opportunity to find out more about what’s involved in ‘collecting stories’.

There are also many other ways that you can choose to be involved with the project.

Can you help?

 If you are interested, there are several different ways you might choose to get involved.

Help develop our website and help run it and keep it up to date.

Write the job adverts or be on the interview panel to help us employ some staff to be university Research Assistants to help on the project

Write more publicity to help tell other young people about the project and to get them involved.

Do the training and help other young people to tell their stories.

Later the designers will need help from you to create story-telling objects.

Throughout the project we would like some young people to help with making decisions and advising us on your point of view.

So if you think you would be interested in working with us in any way, or if you would like any more information, email Candice on, Cath on or Gail on Or text us on 07787892246.

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